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Sep. 20th, 2014

Merlin and Arthur from episode 5X13

Why Bromance Intro mp4

For those into Bromance, the subject of male friendships has been with me since I was a child, since before I even knew what fan-fiction was called, before I even knew there was such a thing as conventions for Star Trek, fan-zines with hurt/comfort stories, or anything of that nature. I was alone in my love for buddy-stories, reveling in the love relationship between two straight men on "Starsky and Hutch".

For decades I've been in love with what is now termed 'Bromance', but only the last few weeks has the question been raised... 'Why?'

Why do I write it? What is the purpose for my stories? Where will they go, what will they do? Is it merely to entertain or is it something more?

My name is Janalyn Robnett.
I write Bromance.
Sometimes I take the male leads in my stories a step further into lovers, but mostly it's the soul-depth bond of connection I search for.

The Introductory Video in the YouTube link above will be the lead-in to my upcoming Vlogs regarding this subject. It's not just the fact that my passion is Bromance... it's the 'Why?' behind that passion.
This subject means a lot to me. You don't carry a passion for something like this for as long as I have without there being a reason for it.

Today I talked to a fellow 'Witch' in her store and told her what I was planning. The look in her eyes was so wonderful. "Jan, you couldn't have picked a better time than now for this." She was extremely excited.

Please join me on this journey. Comments are welcome, suggestions, insights... haters, however, will be ignored.
So, enjoy the Intro vid and Thank you.
Stay Bromantic. :D

Jul. 11th, 2014

Merlin and Arthur from episode 5X13

Some Amazing Changes...

I am incredibly blessed. My stories are getting up on Kindle and I am thrilled. I am getting more and more inspired for new stories as the days pass. I'm working on Book 2 for my "The Solitary and the Mercenary" series and... my Gay Romance/Paranormal series: "Blood Mark" under my banner "Dimenlien Chronicles" (using my pen name 'Myristica') are also getting up on Kindle. I am THRILLED. People may not know my name yet, but they will. I'm going to plunge on with my writing and shout out to those who may be interested. Come and see! Join me on this adventure! I invite and welcome you. Like Bromance? I've got your number. Like Gay Romance? I've got your number. I'm holding nothing back and I'm no longer hiding what I write or who I am. I'm a Bromancer and a Male/Male Romance Author/Reader.And I write what I love and I love both!
(I can't find the Charles and Erik meme of when Charles says: "I can make you fall in love with me." Erik replies: "Bring it on!") I wanted to put that meme here, but wouldn't you know it, the one time I need it, it's nowhere to be found. :-( Anywhoo, it's a silly little thing to do, but that's how I feel right now, giddy and happy. In the meantime, check out my books at the following Kindle links:
"The Solitary and the Mercenary Book I - Treasured Blood"
Under my name: Janalyn Robnett
And my Blood Mark series:
Episode 1 "Ghosts" (recently revised and reformatted.)
Under my pen name: Myristica
Also Episode 2 "Reunion"

Nov. 19th, 2013

Merlin and Arthur from episode 5X13

Bromance in full swing!

Since my last post: I began, on July 23rd, outlining a new Bromance story done in a space-opera setting. A futuristic era with baddies and good-guys and some in between and of course a very strong bromance pairing. I am currently going through this year's NaNoWriMo and have met the goal of 50,000 words, adding to what I've been writing since July 23rd. This story keeps talking and I keep dictating. It's going to be 2 novels at the least. The first book is done, but it is HUGE! I'm waiting to see how far I get with the continuation in the 2nd novel before determining if I'm going to just pile them together and cut them in half for a 2 volume set. I have hired an artist for the covers, but they are expensive. Still, this artist's portrait of Merlin and Arthur really captured the *feel* of my story and I asked him if he would consider doing this independent project for me. He leaped at the chance saying, "You had me at "Merlin"." See, the story was inspired by that series and I just allowed the characters to develop at will, though I did use the series' characters as starting off models.
The book is entitled: "The Solitary And The Mercenary" and the tag line is: "How far would you go to save your best friend from becoming a magical weapon of mass destruction?"
I'm hoping for a February 2014 release of at least the first book, on both Kindle and CreatSpace paperback. Together so far the book is over 155,800 words with more on the way as the story has not been told completely as yet. I hope to reach my goal of 80,000 words for the NaNo project. I'm over 60,000 now. The story has become a passion for me and I love getting up every morning to work on it, while handwriting the outline during the day.
I head for another NaNo Write-in tonight at a University library. I hope to get some more words added to the count. Oh, and the portrait that brought me across this artist I'm using: Check this out:

May. 11th, 2013

Merlin and Arthur from episode 5X13

(no subject)

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
Merlin and Arthur from episode 5X13

Episode 2 of Blood-Mark almost ready, then both will go up.

Episode 1 of Blood-Mark, entitled: "Ghosts", along with episode 2 "Reunion", will be up hopefully by the end of May if not the beginning of June. Need the cover for 2nd ep and illustrator is on vacation and will need about another week I would think, to regroup. Also, need to work on learning how to format the stories for uploading to Kindle. I'm excited! I love this series. It's not hot-hot in the sex arena, as to me I simply do not do well writing sex, but give me the intimacy and I will blow the lid off of it. When I was writing fan fiction, a lot of Slash writers would come to me and say, "Why don't you just jump the fence and make these guys lovers? You're so close to the edge now." Funny enough I took their advice.
I don't know, the sex angle is good I suppose, but I leave it to the reader to decide. I tend to lean more towards the relationship and the plot moving the characters forward. So you could say my stuff is a bit more Bromance, but on the edge, with a bit of heat mixed in. :) They're more than friends, for certain, but also more than sexual play toys. I put the heat in when I feel it drives the story, not the story to drive the sex. :)
I will keep you informed when published. :)
I think you will all be surprised. It's a paranormal/vampire story but with a twist I've not seen before. If it's out there, I have yet to hear of it. (It probably is as there's nothing new under the sun, but... ;D)

May. 10th, 2013

Merlin and Arthur from episode 5X13

New Area

Things have changed on LJ since last I visited here. I had to upgrade to a full account in order to even FIND my old stomping ground. Grrrrr. Anywhooo, this is where I shall post stuff. Merlin stuff, Bromance stuff, spiritual stuff. *pshaw!* It'll be FUN!

Looking to hook up with Bromance fic writers/readers.

You write it, I'll read it. I write it and HOPE you'll read it. Yes, I am a published author under the name 'Myristica' due to the M/M Romance content of my fantasy stories, but who cares? I've decided it's high time to hit the basics for me. I've been a Bromance lover since I was 8 years old. I thought there was something wrong with me until I discovered Fan Fiction in the mid late 90's on the Internet. I was HOOKED! And also somewhat relieved that other women out there felt the same way I do about deeply rooted friendship between men. Not enough out there in mainstream media to fill a thimble. Merlin is my recent obsession as a result of the storyline focusing mostly on the relationship between Arthur and Merlin, and so I'm back in the saddle again. :)