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Janalyn Robnett
30 March 1963
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I write, I study spiritual things, I'm Wiccan (Pagan) and I love Led Zeppelin and The Bee Gees. (Yeah, I know... both sides of the spectrum.) ;D
Oh, yeah... Cancer survivor.

I love Bromance, and do not mind the M/M form of romance. I do not read much M/F, though. I am pagan, seeking the Celtic path of Wicca. I am also a published writer of Male/Male Romance under the name 'Myristica' and have 3 books in a fantasy series out. The series is called 'Harp & Sword Chronicles' and it is put out by Silver Publishing. You can buy the first book "The Connecting Flame" in either e-book format or print. Nook, Kindle, Silver Publishing website, all have my books. I am currently writing a paranormal M/M Romance series to be self-published under KDP sometime in May of 2013. I am seeking to continue the self-publishing angle as I have more control of release dates. You can find out more about my works by visiting my Myristica Onenine Facebook page, or my 'Harp & Sword Chronicles', or 'Dimenlien Chronicles' Facebook pages. I'm also seeking to go back to my roots in writing Bromance-heavy fiction as the ideas keep coming. Happy Reading! :)